Google would offer a better Share Menu experience with Android 14

Google is yet to improve the experience of Sharing Menu with the Android operating system. It doesn’t offer a smooth experience with the facilities offered. Even though it has launched 13 versions of Android, it is yet to implement an attractive user interface for the share menu. With the first developer preview of the forthcoming Android 14 nearing, a new report from Esper reveals the upcoming changes. They found a new intent Resolver app that enables chooser code in the Android 13 QPR1 Beta. The latter enables a share sheet menu that allows users to choose the app for sharing.

google would offer a better share menu experience with android 14
source – esper

Even though Google has set standards for the share menu, the existing share menu is slightly different across each OEM. The new share menu found is a mainline module and can receive updates through Google Play Store. The module separates the share menu from the firmware. It could be only updated via OTA if it continues to be part of the firmware. Even though the new app is identical to the existing share menu functionally & visually, the mainline module is the key difference. Google is yet to comment on the upcoming changes in the share menu.

The updates for Intent Resolve through Google Play Store would offer a similar experience across OEMs. Google could also experiment with different features to the menu through updates. The transition to the mainline module will offer better controls for Google. Earlier, when it was part of the firmware, the OEMs could customize it heavily. The new chooser code is already live in AOSP. The arrival of the Android 14 Developer Preview will tell us if Google has moved the share menu to a mainline module.

Basith Rahman PP
Basith Rahman PP
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